About the cattery





My name is Lena Böörs and it is I who

holds s*Böörs cattery.

I live in an old house in the central of Örebro

together with Rolf Jonsson.

We are members of Nerikes cat club,

where I is the Vice Chairman

and exhibition secretary for many years.

I am also a member of the Disciplinary of



My aim is to breed healthy color point,

both Persian and Exotic, with a wonderful

temperament, strong bones and big blue

eyes. It is even born some colorpoint carriers

and a few kittens who do not carry

colourpoint gene.


My cats are tested free from PKD with DNA



All the cats go free in the house and have

access to exercise yard, in nice weather patio

and lawn, at rain and wet only patio.


My first cat was a black female who was

colourpoint carrier, S*Lökkeberg's Jonna. She

moved to me August 1986.

My cattery was registered in SVERAK and FIFe

1987. In November the same year I got my first



A kitten from me delivered at the earliest

12 weeks of age.

It is then

- Vaccinated 2 x catpest, cat flu and


- Dewormed

- ID marked with microchip

- Veterinary inspected

- Registered in SVERAK

- trained with comb, bath and hairdryer


The kitten has with sale

- SVERAK pedigree

-Health Certificate (not older than 7 days)

Vaccination Certificate

ID marking certificate

-purchase contract

-Booklet with information on kitten food and


-Kitten Packages

-Unlimited support from me

Current cats


EP & CH (N) PurrboxTemptress, DSM

Tessan called, came from Purrbox cattery

in Norway 2002.

She is a bluetortiepointed himalayan.

Tessan is my princess with long and

beautiful coat. When Tessan came, I

hoped that she would give me beautiful

himalayan kittens.

In June 2003, however Tessan got

uterine inflammation that antibiotics do not

bet on. In the end, I had to get her

neutered. Tessan has been on shows a lot

with great results. But now she's gone



In the fall of 2004, a king came to the

cattery EC Bellissimo Di Garda, called

Bosse, from Di Garda cattery in Germany.

He has a fantastic temperament and

purring all the time. He follows me through

the house like a dog and often sleeps on

my pillow. He loves when we have guests,

especially if someone wants to cuddle with

him and he feels that he may be in the



In the fall of 2007

S*Böörs Mother of Invention was born.

She is a black Persian female called


Maddis stay in the cattery, she is a

stubborn lady with her own will. She has

chosen Roffe to her human and love to

snuggle with him.


In summer 2008 a litter of four cpc persian

males was born.

I have hoped to get an exotic female after

this combination.

SC S*Böörs Noel Gallagher a redspotted

colourpoint carrier charmed Roffe

so he remained in cattery. Gallagher is a

very kind and gentle cat who gladly

located on Roffes arm or stomach.


In autumn 2008, Maddis got her first litter

and Bellissimo became a father for the first

time. A persian male and a female was

born. SC S*Böörs Olivia Harrison a

tortietabby female we saved from this

litter. Olivia is a very strong female who is

"talkative" and cuddly when she wants to.

She like to being out in the yard and lie

under any large leaves.






In spring 2009, the first colourpoint exotic was

born in the cattery S*Böörs Sexy Sadie

a red tabby colourpoint female who's

normally is called Vera. She is now neutered.

Vera is a spirited female who is usually there

with something going on.


In spring 2010 IC S*Böörs Queen Ida

a tortie colourpoint female was born.

Ida is an incredibly gentle and kind cat who

likes to lay in the knee and purrs

like mad. Unless Bosse is beside me in the

bed, then Ida is located there.


In spring 2011 Vera got a litter of 6 kittens.

5 males and 1 female. The female

CH S*Böörs Thin Lizzy a red exotic female

stays in the cattery.

Lizzy is a resourceful and funny cat with a lot

of speed in her legs.

2013 Lizzy got a litter of kittens together

with Gallagher, 4 exotic boys. They almost

turned the house up and down.


In autumn 2011 was Ida's first litter with

4 Persian babies born, 2 females and 2

males. CH S*Böörs Umma Gumma a

bluetortie point female we kept from this litter.

Umma is now a strong and hefty female who

knows what she wants. "Have tortie temper".

But she love to lie down for a while in my

knee when we watching TV especially if Ida is

already there.

Umma like to lick on both cats and humans

and purring a lot.


2012 was 2 kittens born in my cattery.

Maddis got a bluetortie exotic girl who is cpc.

CH S*Böörs Valerie Girl and

Olivia got a creme exotic boy

S*Böörs X-Ray Spex. They both moved to

my daughter Camilla and her family.They are

both cozy cats who like to be together

with my grandchildren.

I have planned to take one litter from Valerie.


In december 2013 we got a new little male in

the cattery S*Arzish Hardy. He is a

sealpoint exotic with absolute round and very

blue eyes.

He is always around were we are. Often lay

on my neck.I hope he will give us some nice

exotics in the future.

Vårat hus från baksidan med katter i rastgården / Our house from the back with catrun.

Altanen en dag på hösten / The terrace a day in autumn

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