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persians & exotics

Stamtavla / Pedigree

IC S*Arzish Hardy JW, EXO n 33

Född / Born: 2013 09 17

Uppfödare / Breeder: Malin Sundqvist

     Far /Sire:

    Merripaws Michaleen Flynn

    of Arzish

    PER d 33

    GC Kittystone's Mickey Blue


   PER n 33


    CH  Merripaws Prissie Galore

    PER d 33

    CH Kittystone's Marty

    PER n 33

   CH Alomi's Disco Fever DM

    PER g 33

     Heatherbrook Dralion

     PER d 33

    CH Kittystone's Crimson Flash

    PER d 33

    CH Protege's Cappuchino of Kittystone

    PER n 33

    IC Teah's Winters' Frost of Alomi

    PER a 33

    Keystone's She's So Bad of Alomi

    PER d 33

    Merripaws Life Line of Heatherbrook

    PER n 21 33

     CH  Ristokat's Art Nouveau

     PER f 33

    Laureden Sweet Surprise

    PER d

    CH Catbery Tail Fruit Loop of Laureden

    PER d 33

    Artemis Sweetie Pie

    PER d

      Mor / Dam:

    (N)Purrbox Shine of Arzish

     EXO f 21 33

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    GC BW NW Sulltans Snuggles

    PER d 33

    (N)Purrbox Sweet As Candy

    EXO n 21 33

   GC NW Sulltans Spindoctor

    PER n 33

    CH Playwickey Cassis

     of Sulltans DM

     PER d 33

    GIC (N)Purrbox M-M-Millennium

    PER n 21 33

    (N)Purrbox Sweet Surender

    EXO g 22

    GC Sulltans Stranger In Paradise

    PER n

    GC Sulltans Shop'N Spree

    PER f  33

    GC Playwickey Philly Fanatic DM

    PER d 33

    CHWhisperwood's Winsome of Playwickey

    PER d 33

    (N)Purrbox Zodiac

    PER n 21 33

    EC Pracenpaws Come What May

    PER g 33

    (N)Stanbec's Romeo

    PER a 22

    (N)Purrbox Sweet

    EXO g 33